GPS Tracking


Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking

Our GPS tracking allows you to view your vehicles on a map in real time.  You can also see trip details such as speed levels, risky behavior and much more. Geotab’s rich breadcrumb trail tracking is a patented technology that gives you the most advanced insights into your driver’s on-road performance.

GPS Tracking Features

- Instant GPS tracking with the fastest GPS acquisition time.

- Driver speed tracking

- Idle time tracking including location and stop reports

- Easily create, edit, and import zones

- View multiple map types: Aerial, Bing, Google, and more

- Web-based software reporting platform (SaaS) with fully customizable dashboard reports

- Create driver rules and emailed alert notification reports

- Hybrid and electric vehicle compatibility

- Accelerometer data: Accident detection & notification

- Engine data: VIN, ODO, Seatbelt usage, check engine


Newer, Faster Map Types

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Select your default map type: Google, Bing, ESRI, or
OpenStreetMap. When new zones are created, the
information is instantly applied across all maps without
compromising the user experience. To provide excellent
map support for areas where there is no map coverage,
we have even gone as far as developing our own map
engine for fleet managers. With MyGeotab, you can see
all of your vehicle data in real-time, with no delays or
time constraints. Geotab has the most reliable posted
roadspeed data with improved accuracy. In the case
that a posted road speed is incorrect, as displayed by
OpenStreetMap, you will have the full ability to make the
change, see it apply instantaneously, and feel good about
contributing back to the OpenStreetMap foundation.