Driver Safety


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Risk & Safety Report and Driver Ratings

You can monitor your drivers’ behavior by receiving Geotab’s safety management reports.  Risk and safety scores are assigned to each driver and track speeding, harsh braking, sharp corner turns, over acceleration, after-hour vehicle use and seat belt usage.


In-Vehicle Driver Coaching

Geotab offers in-vehicle audible alerts to let your drivers know of unsafe or potentially risky driving maneuvers.  Once they have corrected the undesirable behavior, the alerts will stop beeping.  You can easily view this information for each driver in real-time emails or text messages.

Ensuring Seatbelt Usage

An automatice seat belt detection feature reminds drivers to put their seat belt on.  This not only reduces the risk of injury but ensures compliance with the law.

Posted Road Speed vs. Actual Speed

You can track and compare your drivers’ speed to the actual posted speed limits in areas such as neighborhoods, school zones and highways.  You can also observe changes in your drivers’ behavior in these specific zones.

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