Trips and Activity Reporting

Geotab stores your trips history information, letting you re-create any of your trips at any time, and for any date specified. The reports provide in-depth views for various events, such as time spent at the office vs. driving vs. at customer locations, helping you identify accurate work time allocations.

Trips and Activity Reporting

NFC Driver ID

Using RFID technologies, you are able to track each specific driver when they switch vehicles. Driver ID allows Management to have a full view into their drivers regardless of what vehicles they are driving – generating reports, rules, and exceptions by driver OR vehicle. Driver ID can be combined with vehicle immobilization, meaning a valid Driver ID keyfob must be touched to the reader before the vehicle will start

driver productivity management

New Exception Rules

Geotab goes above and beyond with productivity tracking and allows you to set specific settings within the software such as late arrival, early leaving, idling, too much office time and more.